E-tipachimonaniwahk - Celebrating our Storytelling

E-tipachimonaniwahk - Celebrating our Storytelling


This video is the result of our inaugural lead-up event for the "More than 350 in 2023" initiative. Wanting to promote and celebrate our wintertime tradition of storytelling, we set up a storytelling contest and invited submissions of all kinds. The grand prize was given to Keira Kataquapit. The resulting video, which you can watch here, is a compilation of submissions by contestants and others, as well as archival footage and photos (including the oldest film footage of Moose Factory or Moosonee. It also includes interviews and introductions by our More than 350 in 2023 Committee, our Save St. Thomas Committee, as well as the MRHHA Board Chairperson and some of our staff.

This video reflects and presents the mission of the Moose River Heritage and Hospitality Association: "Building a Future with our Shared Past." It also introduces and exemplifies what we hope to achieve with the intiiatve we call More than 350 in 2023: From Time Immemorial to 1673 to 2023, which also includes the Save St. Thomas initiative, aimed at restoring old St. Thomas Church as a heritage venue for the entire community. This is one part of a larger heritage conservation plan we are developing in partnership with others in and beyond Moose Factory and Moosonee.

The original video was broadcast live, on March 28, 2021, on the local community channel (10), and on YouTube. It is being revised to include a full version of the first prize submission (which could not be included in the original broadcast due to technical issues) as well as other minor edits. The new version will be available here and on our YouTube channel soon.

VIEW the prize submission by Keira Kataquapit.

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