Moose River Hospitality and Heritage Association

St. Thomas Church Community Consultation

Over the past several years, our Old St. Thomas Renewal Committee has been working to save and repurpose the Old St. Thomas Anglican Church as a community venue and heritage site serving the wider community.

We need your input to ensure that the building’s restoration and repurposing meets the widest level of community needs and to help identify heritage or any other concerns.

We are organizing in-person community consultation sessions for Sunday, March 26, from 2-4 pm and Monday, March 27 from 7 to 9 pm (details to follow).

This survey is a first step in this consultation process and can be completed online or in paper format (surveys are being made available at the post office and will be mailed out).

If you have any questions regarding this survey, or wish to have help filling it out, please contact any of the following people:

Mr. Robert Faries
Chair, Old St. Thomas Renewal Committee

Cheryl Tomatuk-Bagan
MRHHA Associate Community Coordinator

Dr. Mike Wood Daly
Trinity Centres Foundation, Consultation Lead

All respondents have the right to remain anonymous and/or have their responses removed from the collected data upon request.  No personal information will be shared publicly in any form.

Thank you for your participation and input.

Help us determine how Old St. Thomas Church can best serve our community

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