Moose River Hospitality and Heritage Association

National Historic Site Designation Revised

In December 2020, the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada updated the justifications for the National Historic Site designation for Moose Factory as a fur trade post to include the third point outlined below. Similar changes were made for 42 other nationally designated fur-trade sites and events. This change reflects the revisions the MRHHA proposed for the plaque that was unveiled in 2017, which re-centred the history of the fur trade post within the larger Cree historical and cultural context. Here are the three reasons now listed for Moose Factory’s National Historic Site Designation:

1. it is the second Hudson’s Bay Company post in what is now Canada;

2. after 1821, Moose Factory became the supply point for posts inland as far as Lake Timiskaming on the Ottawa River watershed; and

3. Indigenous Peoples, their territories, and labour were foundational to the fur trade in North America. Posts were often built near existing Indigenous settlements, trading routes and/or meeting places and became important sites of economic, social and cultural exchange.

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