Moose River Hospitality and Heritage Association

Health, heritage and history are closely linked

In 2000, the Weeneebayko General Hospital celebrated its 50th anniversary with the publication of a book entitled Our Hospital: A History of Hope and Healing. In 2023, it will celebrate its 73rd anniversary as Moose Factory celebrates its 350th anniversary. Just as 1673 was not the beginning of our local and regional history, so too, the founding of the Weeneebayko General Hospital in 1950 was not the beginning of healthcare in Moose Factory and Moosonee. Nevertheless, these anniversaries allow us to consider a much deeper and broader history and heritage of healthcare. They also allow us the opportunity to reflect on the connection between history and heritage and health. We look forward to sharing more reflections in this regard soon, and we look forward to celebrating those who have long served our communities in healthcare.