Beaded Hoods Project

JAMES BAY BEADED HOOD PROJECT My name is Sheila Wheesk. I am a member of the MRHHA committee. I research historical information, and I have traveled to various organizations to present and promote the James Bay beaded hood project. The tradition of making Cree beaded hoods is a cultural activity with a long, rich history. […]

MRHHA Strategic Tourism Plan

This Strategic Tourism Development Plan prepared for the MRHHA by EEM Sustainable Management, in 2014. It does not necessarily reflect the current priorities of the MRHHA, but it does inform them.

National Historic Site Designation Revised

In December 2020, the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada updated the justifications for the National Historic Site designation for Moose Factory as a fur trade post to include the third point outlined below. Similar changes were made for 42 other nationally designated fur-trade sites and events. This change reflects the revisions the MRHHA […]

E-tipachimonaniwahk – Celebrating our Storytelling – First Annual (2021)

Our first Storytelling Celebration in 2021 was the inaugural lead-up event for the “More than 350 in 2023” initiative. Wanting to promote and celebrate our wintertime tradition of storytelling, we set up a storytelling contest and invited submissions of all kinds. The grand prize was given to Keira Kataquapit. The resulting video, which you can watch below, […]

St. Thomas Restoration Committee receives National Trust Award

Our St. Thomas Restoration Committee received an award on October 21 from the National Trust for Canada, in recognition of “exemplary cross-cultural cooperation in conservation and reconciliation.” Congratulations to our Committee Chair, Robert Faries, and the rest of our volunteer committee members, and our MRHHA team!

About Us

About MRHHA The MRHHA’s mission is to build a future with our shared past, with a focus on the Moose Cree homeland and the people who call it home or are welcomed here in the ancient spirit of hospitality. Moose Cree First Nation is our lead co-founding member and primary funder. We are also supported […]

Virtual Heritage Tours

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