Beaded Hoods Project

You are invited to attend the Introduction of the Beaded Hoods Project. Come out to CCIC or attend virtually and join Laurie Sutherland & Sheila Kebokee as your hosts.

MRHHA Strategic Tourism Plan

This Strategic Tourism Development Plan prepared for the MRHHA by EEM Sustainable Management, in 2014. It does not necessarily reflect the current priorities of the MRHHA, but it does inform […]

National Historic Site Designation Revised

In December 2020, the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada updated the justifications for the National Historic Site designation for Moose Factory as a fur trade post to include […]

About Us

We share an interest in the rich historical and cultural heritage of Moose Factory, Moosonee and the Moose River Region. That historical and cultural heritage is primarily Omushkego, but includes […]

Virtual Heritage Tours

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