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We share an interest in the rich historical and cultural heritage of Moose Factory, Moosonee and the Moose River Region. That historical and cultural heritage is primarily Omushkego, but includes major contributions from other peoples, contributions that have become part of the present‐day community’s political, social, religious, economic and cultural fabric in the course of its long evolution that predates Moose Factory’s establishment as a fur‐trade post in 1673, or Moosonee's establishment in the 1903. As the additional presence of Eeyou, Orcadian, Scottish, English, Norwegian and French family and cultural heritage shows, hospitality has long been one of the most important aspects of Moose Cree and Omushkego cultural and historical heritage.

Our non‐profit association includes elders, youth, harvesters, community members and hosts, film‐makers, librarians, spiritual leaders, community researchers and educators, university and college professors and students, musicians, artists and many others who have a passion for our combined heritage along with the support of our leadership, councils and jurisdictions.

The purpose of this grassroots organization is to preserve, document, and promote our historical and cultural heritage as well as our tradition of hospitality. We believe that this will have enormous benefits for the local community and its members as well as the broader society to which Moose Factory, Moosonee and its people continue to contribute.

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